5 Steps to Successful Self-Hypnosis

1. KNOW WHAT YOU WANT In this step you need to consider what you want vs. what you don’t want and you need to be able to distinguish between the form and the essence. Instead on focusing on what you don’t want, it’ important to focus on WHAT YOU WOULD LIKE to experience instead, because your subconscious mind says “YES” to whatever you focus upon. If you don’t want illness focus on perfect health, if you don’t want lack, focus on abundance, if you don’t want to experience stress, focus on experiencing peace, etc. Sometimes people focus on the “form”

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Your imagination is a gateway to the possible and a bridge to your unconscious mind. It’s the limitless palate with which you craft your world and a built-in key to manifesting your hopes. Your subconscious mind doesn’t recognize the difference between what is real and what is imaginary. Your imagination is your preview of life’s coming attraction. When envisioning your desire, engage your imagination by using all of your senses. Imagine not only the visualizations, but also the sounds, textures, smells and tastes of your dreams coming true. Even more significantly, think of the feelings of the outcome you look

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Desire and Manifesting

Desire is the beginning point of all accomplishment, not a hope, not a wish, but a great throbbing desire which surpasses everything. Do It Right Desire breaths life into your dreams and fuels your imagination and anticipation. As you connect with your desire, your imagination, as well as all the favorable thoughts and beliefs about your goal, are lit. To connect with the desire you’ve got for your goal, merely ask yourself “Why do I wish for this?” As you answer the whys, your passions and emotions flurry and your imagination streams. Inquiring why also aids you in acquiring clear

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Belief and Deserving

An opinion is presuming something to be true, to be a reality. An opinion isn’t stimulated, it’s produced by choice. An opinion about a thing‘s being isn’t the same as its existence. Perception To successfully draw in your hopes it’s crucial that your feelings are congruent with them. If, for instance, you desire a happy loving relationship but bear negative feelings about the opposite sex, love, or yourself for that matter, you will produce counter results. Beliefs are constructed during an early age and at other key periods in your life. They can be formed and molded by family, peers,

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Occasionally what initially surfaces in your reality is a stepping stone that will take you to your destination instead of the goal itself. It might not appear like what you were looking for or expecting but can be just what‘s required to bridge the gap to your ambitions and take you to where you would like to be. Receptiveness and humility is important. A Way to Get There A stepping stone perhaps may be a person, challenge, insight or learning. It might possibly be a mending or an outcome that will help you fortify your character or purpose. It might

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