Desire is the beginning point of all accomplishment, not a hope, not a wish, but a great throbbing desire which surpasses everything.

Do It Right

Desire breaths life into your dreams and fuels your imagination and anticipation. As you connect with your desire, your imagination, as well as all the favorable thoughts and beliefs about your goal, are lit. To connect with the desire you’ve got for your goal, merely ask yourself “Why do I wish for this?” As you answer the whys, your passions and emotions flurry and your imagination streams.

Inquiring why also aids you in acquiring clear on the intent behind your goal and how realistic your goal is for you, also what the greater purposes and hoped results of your goal are (what you wish your goal to give you). It can be an uncovering exercise.

Some of the times what we believe we desire can be a product of the consensus, of what other people desire for us, of what we believe we “had better” have, of what our ego believes will satisfy us, or of our rationalizations rather than our heart‘s desires. If questioning why you desire your goal does not get you jazzed up, you might prefer to question how much you really desire it.

Future Causation

A different tool for adjusting your heart and mind to the final result of your wants is what I call Future Causation. Basically, time and space are an illusion. The future you want already exists. Rather than attempting to guess what that future will be like from your present, go to that bright future and see it for real.

This has been among the most profound methods I’ve practiced. The insights I’ve encountered in linking to a wanted future in this way have passed beyond the boundaries of my present imagination or what I’d have consciously planned. I’ve been gifted with information and states of being that have been way “outside the box” and have altered me and my reality in the present. This is why I address it as the future causation because it can immediately and radically change your current state of vibration by the force of vibrancy. Connecting to that future produces a bridge to that future and acts as a portal for its manifestation in your world.

Your future is always shaping your present. The good news is you are able to decide the future you wish to influence you and allow it to alter you right now.

Manifesting is a powerful way for engaging future causation and will set the law of attraction in motion to manifest it effortlessly into your life.

Rehearse your future on a regular basis. What sort of conclusions would that future have you make, how would they think, feel and be? What answers would they discover, successes create, challenges defeated and so on?

Apply a ‘future view’ when reaching conclusions, arranging goals or addressing challenges. What would that future you, the cured, gifted, loving, successful self that you’re becoming, believe, feel and be? Tie in to that future and permit it to have voice in your world today in the views, beliefs and actions you decide.

Make the Space

For your desire to land in your reality you are required to produce the space and be prepared for it. What requires to be done on a practical, emotional and mental level for you to be set for this reality? Get ready by thinking ahead and making the necessary steps towards your goal.

What new resources, contacts and skills could you require? What new postures and opinions? Think from your future and behave accordingly.

A different way to make space in your life for your ambitions is to clean out the clutter. This can be done on a physical and virtual level such as cleaning out your closets, organizing your papers and filing, discarding old garments and so forth, but it can also be done on emotional and mental levels. What human, concern, bitterness, wrath or loss are you grasping that could be let go of?

If you’re desiring a new relationship for instance, is there an ex-partner you have not quite relinquished yet, or a quality about them or that relationship that in your heart you have not yet given up?

What ever you are grasping from your past is what you are bringing into your present reality.

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